A guide on Natural Supplements for Fertility



Before I discovered I was battling infertility I was bombarded with the age old advice, “Just stop trying and it will happen”. Well, that advice is quite frankly the dumbest and least helpful advice on the planet. If that offends you then it is very likely that you did not have trouble conceiving. So in an effort to be helpful I have compiled a list of things that can possibly help. Please notice I said possibly! This is a list that will likely only benefit those who have infertility and know what is causing it and those who don’t have infertility, but are simply taking longer than they’d like to conceive. Yes, most of us with infertility will need a doctor to help us conceive. But when you see the cost of those treatments I say it doesn’t hurt to try something else first or possibly while you are waiting to be seen by the fertility clinic!

  • Vitamin B6: This is known to help with progesterone levels. Helpful for women who have a luteal phase defect.
  • Vitex: This helps regulate hormones and has been known to help with ovulation. This is something that is good to take if you have abnormal cycles as it can help you become regular. You can buy it separately but I would just buy it in a fertility blend to be honest.
  •    Maca Root: Helps improve fertility and sex drive. It’s great for those who are maybe just taking a bit longer than they’d like to, to get pregnant. I do not recommend this if you have thyroid problems. If you want to take it and have a thyroid condition you NEED to ask your doctor first! Adverse side effects have been reported in thyroid patients.
  • Evening Primrose Oil: Helps with EWCM. For those that don’t know what that is, that is the cervical mucus you basically need if you want to get pregnant. I personally have never taken this.
  • Preseed: If you need to use lube this is the lube you should use. Fun fact! Most lube kills sperm, this is sperm friendly.
  •    Prenatals: Extremely important. You should be taking this if you are trying to get pregnant no matter what. Prenatals are the most beneficial in early pregnancy so take them now.
  • Baby Aspirin: Helps blood flow to the uterus. Yes, it needs to be baby aspirin. Adult will not do.
  • Vitamin E: Helps overall fertility
  • Pineapple Core: helps implantation occur successfully. You should eat it during the 5 days after confirmed ovulation.

You should not take everything all at once. Read what they are all for and consult a doctor or holistic health practitioner.



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