Infertility Appointment #1

Update about our journey, along with our first infertility appointment and Mark’s SA results.


So, Wednesday was the big day! The first infertility appointment of what is likely to be many happened and it was not anything like I expected…. So I guess i will start at the beginning.


For those that do not know, I am being seen at Naval Medical Center San Diego or as most people call it… Balboa Hospital. It’s a huge hospital and the infertility clinic is located on the same floor as the maternity ward… which I will talk about later. Anyways, to get to the clinic you have to take the elevator and walk through this long hallway pictured above. As you can probably tell I was super nervous, but extremely excited to of finally made it this far. The moment I entered those clinic doors though, everything changed.

I was terrified. Everything became much more real when I walked into that clinic. There were people there waiting all in different stages of this journey and the one thing they had in common is that everyone was nervous. You could quite literally feel the nervous energy in the room. I was handed a lot of paperwork… a lot of it I did not even understand. I thought I knew quite a bit until then.

The paperwork ranged from genetic testing forms to acknowledging Zika Virus and a lot of stuff I don’t even know what it meant. I wasn’t really prepared to have to make decisions that day so it kind of took me off guard when I had to decide then and there if I wanted certain testing done. I’m told I can change it later on so for now I selected not to do genetic testing just for the reason that I don’t have a  reason to do it yet. Also there were several forms that had to do with my husband… who I did not bring to this appointment. Something I will note for later appointments is that pretty much everybody brings their spouse! Yes, I probably should of thought of this but I didn’t.

Anyways, I spent about thirty minutes on paperwork… I might mention it is super awkward in there too. The waiting room had about 4 couples there when I got there and everybody seemed to stare at each other as if to say, “what are you in for?” There was even a girl there that was pregnant with twins! I chose to take comfort in the fact that at least for her, the fertility treatments worked.

About 45 minutes in I was finally escorted to an exam room where let’s just say I met a very straight-forward doctor. At this clinic there are 3 doctors, all of which I will eventually meet but unfortunately for me the worst one of the 3 always sees the newbies. We will call him Dr. C. Dr.C is pretty unperson-able… I’ll be honest most of the doctors as this hospital are not known to be very good with their bedside manner because well… they are Navy, but I have heard wonderful things about Dr. L who is the main doctor at the infertility clinic and who I will hopefully continue my care through. Dr. C on the other hand I pray to God I never see again.

Dr. C was just very cynical and seemed to want to be anywhere but there in that room with me. He seemed to enjoy telling me how painful the HSG test would be, which is something I will likely be doing very soon. His decision was that we would do Cycle Day 3 and 21 blood testing to see if I really am ovulating… I am pretty certain I am but I expected we would have to confirm that. The one thing I disagreed with him on was putting off the HSG test till those results come back. I personally feel that we should go ahead and get it done since it is routine and it’s wasting time to put it off. However, that is something I will have to wait to bring up at my next appointment at the end of January.

I know infertility is a big waiting game, but man I wish it moved faster. We won’t begin actual treatment till February and that is only if my blood results yield something strange. If they do not then I will be scheduling an HSG… a test I am very scared of now thanks to Dr. C and the internet!

One other little piece of news I have before I close this out is that Mark’s Semen Analysis Results are back! His numbers were great… according to him he now has “super sperm”. So we can cross the husband off the list, so it does look like our infertility problems are because of me. I can’t say I’m super thrilled over that, but we did expect it due to me having a few things that do effect fertility. We will know more in January so until then this will likely be my last update until after we make our move to 29 Palms!



One thought on “Infertility Appointment #1

  1. I’m currently starting my process. I met Dr. L and he was the nicest man. I have to call back and schedule my HSG, but I have had one before. It is painful if you have any blockage that will prevent the dye from passing through. I was giving Valium by Dr. L to help with the pain. I was also put on the wait list since it will be 8-9 months if we have to do IVF (fingers crossed, hoping we dont), but I hope everything works out for you.


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