Welcome to The Baby Dancer Blog!

This blog features our family’s journey towards parenthood and beyond. This includes my own personal battle with infertility, pregnancy, birth, and my experience with Postpartum depression.

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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Sherry and I created this blog as mostly an outlet for all the emotions I had towards my battle with infertility, it has now evolved into my ongoing experience with Postpartum Depression and life with our twins as I was blessed with two little miracles in 2017.

I have been married since June of 2014 to my amazing husband, Mark. We were only married a few months before he deployed for the first time and shortly after he came back we discovered just how hard having children was going to be.

  My husband and I the day he returned from deployment. Taken by CO.KO. Photography11148398_10203900333320980_7733905424350038013_o



We began our journey with just our dogs that we have considered our furbabies since day one. They are Hector and Nala and have continued to be a big part of the family even with our twins now.



In January of 2017 we PCS’d to our new duty station in California. Shortly after I discovered that our fertility treatments had worked as I was expecting twins much to our surprise! Unfortunately, it was a very difficult pregnancy which ultimately resulted in a month long NICU stay and myself fighting to survive from HELLP Syndrome ( A rare complication most often associated with Preeclampsia).

Our life now is hectic but I am slowly beginning to feel the joy as I learn to cope with my Postpartum depression and embrace the joy of my two little miracles.

Our twins Scarlett Rosalinda and Revan Isaac. Pictured at 6 weeks old. 


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