Two years of negatives and three chemical pregnancies later I'm finally able to say I heard my babies heartbeats. About 8 weeks ago I found out that I am pregnant. It took about twelve tests to convince me as most of you know I've had positives in the past and they all faded and went [...]


Being Thankful for Small Victories

  I went into this season with a lot of negativity towards this holiday. It's hard to be thankful when you feel like you are being denied the one thing that would complete you. It's the season where families come together which means that unfortunately it's a season filled with reminders that I am still [...]

A guide on Natural Supplements for Fertility

  Before I discovered I was battling infertility I was bombarded with the age old advice, "Just stop trying and it will happen". Well, that advice is quite frankly the dumbest and least helpful advice on the planet. If that offends you then it is very likely that you did not have trouble conceiving. So [...]